Dog that spent 7 years in kennels without adoption gets home built just for him

The team at Hillbrae Kennels had been waiting patiently for JD’s time to shine, but sadly due to his biting history he has struggled to find a family.

A Dobermann that has lived at a rescue kennel for seven years without being adopted will soon have his own home built just for him.

A kind-hearted dog walker who has spent a lot of time with the pooch, named JD, during her work with Hillbrae Kennels, is raising cash to convert a large unit at her house into somewhere comfortable, free of bars, where JD can live.

The team at Hillbrae Kennels had been waiting patiently for JD’s time to shine, but sadly due to his biting history he has struggled to find a family.

So Cheryl, from Telford, Shropshire, has decided to take a chance on the 10-year-old pooch and build him his own home next to her property.

The 32-year-old is fundraising to convert the unit on her property, which is “large” but currently “very run down”, into a home for her new companion.

Cheryl decided to give JD a chance after bonding with him when they first met and let him experience a loving home before it’s too late.

According to reports from Birmingham Live , Cheryl had been working at Hilbrae rescue kennels when JD first arrived.

“He was handed over due to his owner passing away, he had nowhere to go and didn’t trust anyone else,” she said.

“Hilbrae took him under their wing, and that same day I sat on the floor outside of his kennel trying to make friends. The kennels closed, and it got dark, before I knew it four hours had passed by and he was accepting fuss through the bars.”

Cheryl bonded with the large pooch over the next few weeks, walking him and playing with him at the kennels.

“JD did have a few problems, though, and had bitten on numerous occasions,” Cheryl admitted. “Obviously, restrictions were put in place for his own safety and the safety of others. He nearly find a home but for these reasons, it didn’t work out.”

As time went by, Cheryl started a new business and eventually left the kennels. But now, seven years after arriving, JD was still there.

Cheryl, who still regularly visits him, saw how much he had slowed down and realised she had a chance to make a “real difference” to a dog that “truly needs and deserves to experience what a loving home is”.

“If we can make this happen for JD until his final days, I’m hoping another dog just as in-need can take his space,” Cheryl added.

The professional dog walker has raised almost £2,000 of her £8,000 target, with one generous donor pledging £1,250.

Cheryl said: “JD the Dobermann has been at Hilbrae rescue kennels since 2014. Due to arriving under socialised, JD has some issues and unfortunately has a bite history, making it impossible to find him a suitable, safe environment to call home.

“At around 10 years old, and with his general health not being too great, I’m desperate to give JD the loving home he deserves before it’s too late.

“JD thankfully accepted me early-on, and we have a great friendship. Having received the green light from hilbrae, I have the opportunity to convert a very large unit at my home.

“The target is a random amount for now & likely too optimistic! But we are waiting for some quotes back.

“I will post some photos so you can see what I mean. I’m not looking to move him from one kennel to just another, I want to be rid of bars and in with some comfort. If you can help us deliver this to him it’d mean everything.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”